Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Illustration Friday: Robot

Unfortunately, I've been too busy this week to work on any new illustrations, but I had to take advantage of this week's topic being "robot," so you get a piece I made for the Ebay Art Project last summer. The curator of the project purchased 1 cent paintings off of ebay, and distributed them to artists to alter, so I was given a piece done by "Jack," which was, if I remember correctly, a reproduction of Dali's Archeological Reminiscence. I painted robots on top of the figures, because, come on, who doesn't like giant robots? Sadly, my paintings never actually went up for auction, I was curious to see what the outcome would have been. Oh well.

Speaking of Spring

Been busy busy busy. I cleaned up my hard drive last night, and reinstalled a bunch of apps. Finished the cover for the children's book I'm illustrating (Penny The Rhode Island Red), and the author and I are getting closer and closer to putting it together to self-publish with a print-on-demand service. That is quite exciting. We just switched to the spring schedule which means I do the day job thing full-time now, which in a way is freaking me out now that I find I'm having less time to do my own stuff, but in my head I know that's not true and will eventually figure out a routine that works. Michael's birthday is coming up, which means super secret projects of love to be worked on for the next couple of weeks! Shhhhh!

Oh yes. And go visit chris' site, again, i mention this because he rules.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Chrisclean now has a website!

So go see it, because he's the awesome-est. For example:

Friday, April 21, 2006

And He Was Okay With This

And He Was Okay With This
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I haven't been able to list as many items for sale this week on Etsy as I was hoping I would, but here is ONE thing...it's a medium sized painting done with acrylic and photocopy transfer that I made in 2002. Yipeee!
buy me!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

links links links.

Here is a picture of my workspace, as it is this afternoon. If you click on it you'll be taken to my flickr page which has related notes and links embedded within the image. I'm just experimenting with the flickr notes tool, which is pretty fun. By the way, Nancy and I will be here this weekend selling stuff!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good Morning

Er, well, I guess it's actually the afternoon, but I only woke up a couple of hours ago so...

Stayed up real late last night making this in my new Mochi Sketchbook, which I love. Slowly working my way back into loving bookbinding. All this staying up late and drawing at my table i think is making my body sore, so i think I'm going to go for a walk in a few minutes to stretch the muscles a bit. Thankfully, it's bright and sunny today, unlike the last few days (and uh, MONTH) where it's been cold, cloudy, rainy, much like how it's been illustrated above.

Came out of the shower today and sketched, watched an interesting interview with David Graeber about anarchism on Charlie Rose. Now it's time for that walk, and then drawings for work. Today's gonna be a good day, dammit.

Monday, April 03, 2006

IF: Spring

Hooray! This week's Illustration Friday for "Spring" was loosely inspired by playing many headache-inducing hours of Pikmin 2 the last few days.

Went out and bought a small case of watercolors today. Brings me back to the days of elementary school and the little cakes of crayola which you could never make a good violet color with. I really didn't like watercolors for a very very long time, but I've been trying to motivate myself to draw and paint more away from home, therefore I bought a nice travel-size set and am going to be making a new Mochi Ice Cream sketchbook for myself
to paint in.

I've been stressing a lot over making drawings for work. It's cool that I have a job where I get to use my creative noodle once in a while, but I keep forgetting that I need to make art just for myself too, otherwise I get really anxious and depressed from having too many thoughts and ideas in my head and not having a place to let them out.

Oh yes, I noticed that Livejournal Syndication re-posted an old entry. This is because I went back the other night to edit a spelling error, and so for some reason stupid LJ syn. seemed to think it was a new entry. I guess. Whatevs.

Finally, check out
Jason Levesque's website, because his illustration skills are amazing, AND he is awesome enough to have downloadable photoshop brushes on his site, a couple of which I've used for this piece.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Random things of late

From the wonderful blog of Kerri Smith.

And Now here is a picture of a bug.