Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weiners & Boobs

Dr. Manhattan's derriƩre

I saw the Watchmen movie the other day. Whether I liked it or not, is not really important, but what I did think was very interesting was the audience reaction to the nudity and sex scenes.

Firstly, the movie is an adaptation of a very dark adult-themed comic book, and therefore R-rated, and YET (!!!) there were kids in the theater! Three of which elbowed Michael in the back of the head while trying to walk down the aisle to go to the restrooms. Ugh. I'm no prude, but really, this isn't exactly a "fun-for-all family movie." Yes, yes, there's graphic sex and violence, but also, what is the point of taking kids to see a movie they most likely will not understand? I remember my parents taking me to see The War of the Roses when I was 7, and all I remember thinking at the time was that it was really boring, weird, and that there was a crazy lady that kills a rabbit.
I'd rather be watching cartoons!

So in the movie there's a sex scene between Silk Specter II and Night Owl II, which is very dumb and uncomfortable, mostly because that damn Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah. Why THAT version of THAT song?!
Leonard Cohen - Hallelujah

Found at

After the movie Michael told me that there were people down in the front of the theater taking cell phone captures of this scene. Why? A search later in the evening revealed a website where you can search for Hollywood actresses and scenes where they show their boobies. OF COURSE!

Which brings me to another question- why do people think boobs are so awesome, and penises are so gross?

YESSS! SO AWESOME!!!! Loruhglalhrlhlglshkadklhflkashdfh!


This is the second movie I've been to lately where the audience freaks out at peen on the screen. The first was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, during the first scene the audience gasped at the sight of Jason Segel's penis. GASPED! What I love about Dr. Manhattan is that his god-like powers has made him feel detached from everyone, and so he sees no point in wearing pants. No pants = not a big deal. It becomes normal for him.

I am what I am. I'm Dr. NoPantsMan.

What I like about this is the idea of the naked body being normal, and the comfort in that knowledge. We're all just a bunch of blood, bones, and guts sealed together in a bag of skin, we all pee and poo, so what's the big hubbub, bub? My guess is that most people are just not open enough or educated enough or just can't deal with sex and sexuality, and sex is ALWAYS attached to the idea of weiners and boobs, even though the majority of the time weiners and boobs are not actually actively involved in sexual activity. No, on a day to day basis, they are very unglamorously tucked away in bras and underwear, sweating, itching, and causing discomfort if smooshed the wrong way. THAT is normal.

Speaking of superheros and nakedness, if you've always wondered what it is like to have x-ray vision, check out this amazing project called Naked People, by Sebastian Kempa.


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