Thursday, January 08, 2009

Finally back.

Wah, it's back home and back to work for me. I want more vacation. Michael and I bought a ukulele over the holiday, and I need some time to practice playing it! We have named it "Miguelito" because it's spanish, it reminds me of Michael, it's tiny, and Miguel is the name of the very nice dude that sold it to us. He is a Guitar Center "Guitar Expert" in McAllen, TX, and he was so awesome, he restrung Michael's little brother's guitar, AND replaced the peg, even though he didn't have to (they don't usually string your guitars for you since they work on commission and it's time spent away from making sales). He also oiled the neck, tuned it, and gave tips on maintaing it. It's nice that there are people like "Mike" who go above and beyond for their customers. Give that man a raise, I say!

No artwork to show yet, I have too much cleaning and unpacking to do first. In the meantime, a funny picture Michael sent me, and a video he passed on my way, as well.


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