Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hm. i have no idea why the livejournal syndicated feed republished a whole bunch of my old posts today. eek. sorry.

Somewhere in texas

Somewhere in texas
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This is my current desktop background. For no particular reason, I just like it. This was taken i think somewhere between McAllen and Laredo...I imagine living in a house like that out in the middle of no where, quiet, isolated, hot. Big big sky. Currently I live in a small apartment with thin walls and like 20 other tenants in the building, some peaceful, some not, some with kids that like to run up and down the narrow hallways above. Also the view out the window aims straight at the next apartment building...not very scenic. I'm not complaining neccessarily, just daydreaming i guess, what the opposite of this would be like.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Have a Super Good Time

That's the title of a song by Ken Miyake my younger sister has been trying to hunt down and continues to ask me daily if I've found it for her. She's really into this Japanese boy band named V6 lately. Also, she kicks butt at drawing, to prove it, I shall show you viewers a sketch of the mighty FlamePig Puppet that she so awesomely rendered.

Yesterday I finally had an Art Attack and went nuts shooting throgh the viewfinder with the D50 and Duaflex, which is great because I'd been feeling really uninspired since I got the D50. Well, old technology + new technology = lots and lots of photos and a tired wrist by the end of the day (holding the duaflex in my left hand and trying to steady the heavy D50 in my right). Enjoy!

Geppetto and Pinocchio
Red Fox

More at my Flickr site...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

photo doodle

Vacation is over and I always get a little depressed when that happens. It's been really difficult to get back into the swing of things when you really don't want to. Anyway, I found out about shooting through the viewfinder last night and started noodling around with the old Kodak Dualflex that Chrisclean gave me (thanks chris!) forever ago and am now finally putting it to use. I'm kinda intrigued by the results and want to do more with it now, outdoors and with better lighting.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Vacation part one mosaic!

I am on a much needed vacation right now in my home state of Texas. So far it's been great to not have any obligations except to play video games and get fed by family. We flew out Wednesday morning on the LONGEST FLIGHT EVER to Harlingen. We then napped, played some Oblivion, and went out to Pharr to eat in a giant meathouse named Rudy's. By the way, does this picture from their website seem really wrong to you? Must be the internet context. Or...I'm a pervert...or an artist...same thing.

"MMMM...Meat sause!!!"

Then more games and sleep. Thursday was spent trying to avoid traffic caused by the President's visit to the Valley, and shopping for tech accessories, and food. LOTS of food, in a giant H-E-B, cuz you know, everything's bigger in Texas. I bought a couple of magazines featuring the new and not so improved Ashlee Simpson on the cover (OH ASHLEE WHY???). I am attempting to level up my shooting skills by taking hundreds of pictures while here (hehehe, yes, I have been playing too much RPG video games), and I've uploaded a few I shot so far to my Flickr for you to see!