Sunday, June 29, 2008

OH yay, I found it. My XBOX gamer card.

Now friend me!


My wrist is killing me. KILLING MEEEEEEE.

Got back into town last night. Did a little bit of work on my website while I was on vacation and I think I strained my wrist doing so. Today was the last official day of a concrete sculpture class I am taking, so I think I killed my wrist even more by hand mixing a bunch of concrete. It's like kneading dough.

Finally, to top it all off, I have the greatest urge these days to play ROCK BAND. Today I started a band by myself, creating two characters that look like me, one does vocals and one does guitar. Our/My band is called "This one's for Michael." Anyway, more destruction of the wrist through playing guitar in this game.

I finally discovered how to play the online multiplayer feature and have been enjoying the tug of war and score duel games. I'm been really slow with this XBox live thing, but I guess when I figure out how to post my information here, I will, so anyone that reads my blog can play with me! Oh wait, silly me, no one reads this! Do you?????

While I was on vacation, I made this sketch. Let's see if anyone can guess who this is supposed to be:

While his guitar gently weeps.

and on an entirely different note, I shall leave you with this image to ponder:

I am a graduate of this school.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yeah, yeah, since you've been gone...

I've been on vacation this past couple of weeks, so not a whole lot of posting going on. But here is a sketch and a tablecloth doodle for you.

My favorite ice cream:
Blue Bell Banana Split Ice Cream. Aww yeah.

Drawn before eating a tasty spaghetti dinner:
Dinner Plate

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Worked outside for much of the day, in the hot hot sun. Then I had a concrete sculpture class to go to in the evening. When I came home, I tried to finish much of the food we have in our fridge, since we're going to Texas tomorrow, so I wolfed down some salad, ramen, and ice cream while watching this week's American Gladiators. SUCH A GREAT SHOW!

So as usual, I hope to make lots of art on my vacation, and maybe get some more of these Mario paintings made.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Photography is fun.

I purchased a Pentax ZX-M off of ebay about a month ago, and plan on gifting it to my younger sister, and teaching her the joys of photography. In the meantime, I tested it out at home and at work, and was quite delighted by the results. Makes me want to get one for myself!

Charlie Chaplin Puppet

Michael Dog and Flamepig

Go Away, Squirrel Nutkin!

Alice Card Maze

Tissue Paper

My paints!

My wacky shoes.