Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking of Spring

Been busy busy busy. I cleaned up my hard drive last night, and reinstalled a bunch of apps. Finished the cover for the children's book I'm illustrating (Penny The Rhode Island Red), and the author and I are getting closer and closer to putting it together to self-publish with a print-on-demand service. That is quite exciting. We just switched to the spring schedule which means I do the day job thing full-time now, which in a way is freaking me out now that I find I'm having less time to do my own stuff, but in my head I know that's not true and will eventually figure out a routine that works. Michael's birthday is coming up, which means super secret projects of love to be worked on for the next couple of weeks! Shhhhh!

Oh yes. And go visit chris' site, again, i mention this because he rules.


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