Friday, March 17, 2006

dial-up is teh suck.

seems that whenever I am staying at my folks' home here in Tejas i never really have time to get online until after midnight-ish, after my sister has fallen asleep, so when I actually do finally have time to check the unternet for things, I am too terribly tired to do much blogging. Or typing with correct grammar. and punctuation. My eyes are about to fall out of my sockets now, so here are some pictures from my day of cavern exploring in 90% humidity!

While waiting in extremely long entrance line to get in, a man that had just finished the tour said to us as he was exiting, "It's worth it y'all. It's worth it. Some pretty neat stuff in there," nodding his head in confidence.

I want to eat these formations.

A stalactite and a stalagmite, about to kiss.

Chrisclean and I scored many wonderful items at the thrift stores yesterday, and we even got asked where we were from.
"We're from here, San Antonio."
"Oh, cuz we get a lot of customers that come in here from China."

I wonder if I enhance Chris' chinky-ness just by standing next to him.
"Are you guys brother and sister???"
Things that make you go hmmmm...


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