Sunday, March 05, 2006

More stress than this tiny body can handle.

My life hasn't exactly been thrown into total disarray lately, but it feels like it sometimes. Time management has been so hard, trying to work on my art and my webshop, and then doing the dayjob thing and the freelance job thing which is barely paying for my upcoming nerd trek next week. And then I get hit with this stupid horrible traffic violation that I have to deal with.

Like the idiot driver than I am, I turned left at a red stop light during a post-midnight Denny's run, totally thinking that the light was green. That there were no other cars around allowed me to think so during in my stressed out/spaced out state of mind, and then I get blinded by the fekkin' traffic camera and it's flash shooting pictures of my ugly criminal butt. This confused me more and I headed into the wrong lane going "WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?! AGH!!!" until I got a hold of it and realized what had happened. I hate driving. So. Much.

Of course a week later I get the photographic evidence in the mail, pictures screaming at me "Look at what you did, dumbass!" Pretty amusing actually. I'll have to draw a picture of the picture later. Anyway, it's traffic school and bail for me, so expect to see some new items in my shop the next few days (for fundraising), such as this very calm and serene octupus under the sea. I want to be that guy.

Take that chance! Take it! Oh yeah, and I got to walk a giant goat today at work. Fo' realz.


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