Sunday, February 12, 2006

my head hurts...stupid...head.

Probably because I'm awake right now, and I really shouldn't be. Oh, the stomach hurts too. Probably because I ate too much meat again tonight. Not chicken meat though, and this little hen is quite happy about that.

Drawn by Michael during our superfantastico anniversary extravaganza, during which I spent way more on food than I intended to. OH WHAT HAVE I DONE?! Speaking of money...

I now have things for sale online! Well, one thing so far, but more once I dig through all my art stuff and upload the images. It's like an art spring cleaning! art soul cleansing! Yeah...?

I'm taking advantage of the "no fees" weekend at and offering these prints for sale:

11x14 print slick and glossy like a lollipop. MMm YUmmy. Please support your friendly neighborhood Annie and buy now:!

I need to save up for a trip to Texas and this little thing next month. Frikkin' Data the android!!! and frikkin' Rupert Giles! and Jayne Cobb! And...and...! Yeah. If you didn't already know I am a big honkin' nerd. Buy my stuff!

And finally, I shall re-direct you to this great .mp3, "Understanding Marx" by Red Shadow, because I've been listening to too much School House Rock at work, and selling yourself to the Man is no fun at all!


Blogger Alina Chau said...

Sorry about your head hurts, but I love the drawings and that bunny toy thingie ...

10:55 PM  

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