Monday, January 02, 2006

Site bugs and ramblies.

The part where Annie asks a favor of those would would stumble upon her new blog because she enjoys (a little too much) tinkering with it.

Hey everybody! Could y'all do me a favor and tell me if there are bugs on this site when you look at it? I noticed that a lot of people are using Windows and Internet Explorer 6, and when I tried to view it in Virtual PC on my Mac, things looked totally wrong.'s supposed to look like this (click to enlarge):

When I checked it my post titles weren't showing up and neither was my animated flickr badge on the side. Oh, and does anyone use site feeds? I actually don't know much about it, but it sounds fun so I might set it up. Anyhoot, if you could just pop a comment on here to let me know so that I can fix things if they're broken, I would appreciate it, immensely.

The less interesting part where Annie embarrasingly blathers on about the kind of insecurities not uncommon for a person in their early twenties, oh and she thanks you, too.

Hey everybody. Thanks for all the nice comments about my site. Lately, I've been really interested in the field of Illustration and the business side of art, etc. so all the kind words make me feel like I might actually know what I'm doing. There's all this pressure from myself and from my parents to like, "get a real job" meaning being some kind of professional money-making artist (say what?!). For the longest time art was just something I did, did well, and made me feel good. But now that I've actually got a fancy sheet of heavyweight paper saying I went to (f)ART SCHOOL for four years of course there are all these "what now?!" thoughts filling my brainspace.

After the first six months I accepted that I didn't exactly have a post-graduation plan and how that is an okay thing. I work a really fun and awesome job 3-4 days a week, which means I'm not getting rich and things might be tight for a while untill the schedule kicks back into full-time, but I actually have time to reflect and research things that I want to do.
It's just hard when you have parents that have supported you your whole life, and probably don't even get your art, but they know you love it so they paid a huge chunk of your college tuition. And you have to keep reassuring them how it's all good and it was all worth it, even though you're not exactly raking in the dough.

In a way it sucks to have to think about it, and in another it sort of drives me to keep working on my plan to take over the world, because, no, I actually do not want to keep living in this tiny one-bedroom apartment where my upstairs neighbor likes to drop things on her floor and sing horribly loud all the time. where was I? Oh, right, thanks again kind readers.


Anonymous Michael said...

You've got more than enough talent and style to make up for what you lack in rare venereal diseases, so fret not, mein reizender kleiner freund. Everything needed to make it- you've got.


3:01 AM  
Blogger Falter Ego said...

When I am not doing this blog thing or that myspace thing trolling for new women to lure into my lair I spend my days managing professional artists and engineers for an advertisng agency's interactive department. You should look into Interactive Design.

While it doesn't play to your stregth in Illustration, there are lots of jobs and your chances of becoming an Art Director, where your creativity means something, as opposed to a production artist, which is essentially the "sweat shop" of jobs in the creative idustry are, are much better.

Plus, in the advertising business we get to work with all types of different companies all the time so it doesn't get boring.

Just watch out for sexual predators like me. Good Luck, and your site is very interesting!

3:47 AM  

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