Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Sad Story with Funny Pictures

So, friends and loyal readers of this blog know that I happily work at a park.

But this is not just any park, it is special, not-for-profit, and is a 10 acre storybook fantasy world for little ones.

Well, the other night, while most people were asleep...

A small band of criminals broke into the park, to do some thieving.

They broke into my workshop and stole our computer set up, and my iPod, which I foolishly forgot to take home that day.

They broke into our carpenter's workshop, and stole many expensive tools.

They broke into our sound booth for performances, and stole the sound equipment.

To top it all off, they sprayed graffiti ALL OVER the park.

When I was called the following morning, I rushed to work.

You can imagine my heartbreak upon seeing my beloved work place desecrated.

Michael was more upset. He spent weeks working on designs for the park, all that work was taken away when they took the computer and hard drives. You can imagine how he felt that morning.

I guess our stuff is now up for grabs at the flea markets and swap meets.

There is no happy ending, I can only hope that karma does its thing and the criminals get what they deserve.

You can only hope, and move forward. There is much cleaning up to do now.

Tomorrow it's back to work, back to making the park a happy place again, for myself, my co-workers, but most importantly, these guys:


Images from Free Style Scraps - Pictogram by BNN.


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