Sunday, August 03, 2008

I actually went out to see art last night. woah.

I'm usually pretty terrible about going out to art openings, um...and leaving the apartment in general, but I did go out last night to check out a show called FasTrack at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland. I'm glad I did, there were some pretty interesting things there.

Firstly, there is this ginormous painting by my buddy, the always ever-so talented Nancy Chan.

Annie, Adrian, Mary Anne, and Bryan by Nancy Chan

The girl on the upper right is one of the organizers of the show, also a buddy of mine, Mary Anne Kluth. And hey...who's that girl in the striped Eh heh heh HEH.
I love tooting the horns of my talented friends, (does that sound inappropriate?) go click on their names and check out their websites.

Agh, there are a couple more artists I will post about, but now I have to go to work. Stay tuned!


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