Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teen Idols and...Star Trek?

So I finally sent back my last Netflix movie, Drakmar: A Vassal's Journey, which was EXCELLENT. I'm a sucker for awkward nerd kids, so of course this one is a winner. In the special features, they show Drakmar a few years older from when they started filming, and it's crazy how tall the kid's grown! Seriously, adolescents are mutants, I've said it before.

Jonas Brothers? Totally mutants. Their mutant power? Transforming legions of young girls into wailing banshees.

Anyway, I got my next movie in today, The Idolmaker, which was also great. While there are no awkward nerd kids in this one, there are tons of screaming pre-teen girls, great choreographed dancing, singing, and Ray Sharkey is so great as the charismatic idolmaker. It was really fun to watch, and for a long time I've been fascinated by how young girls project their fantasies onto these dudes, and go totally bananas crying, screaming, trying to touch them, rushing stages and shaking tour buses, etc. See scene below:

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH INTENSE EMOTION! AGhghahAAGAGAGAHH!!!!!! Such great hair, too. I got to experience this phenomena for myself a month ago, when New Kids on the Block came to do a show in San Jose. I guess I have to thank my 3rd grade school mates for exposing me to NKOTB, they had the board game, and all I remember from it were their big faces on the playing cards. I was too young to go to concerts back then, so of course I could not pass up the chance to see them now, 15-something years later.

So it was kinda like that scene in the Idolmaker, except all the little girls are grown up now, but they scream and cry just the same. I was a fool for not wearing ear plugs that night.

By the way, apparently the choreographer for The Idolmaker, Denny Terrio, was in this, heh, obscure little movie...

I have no idea where in the movie he is, but the internet tells me he is Khan's Crewman #11. Michael has been chastising me for not mentioning anything about our Star Trek Experience Trip this past September, so I shall do it now, though I'm sure he is upset that I have loosely linked Star Trek to New Kids on the Block. Wait, on second thought, I'd post about it tomorrow, since it's very late now, and I have a bowl of ice cream waiting for me. MuAhahaaAAaaa.


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