Monday, May 19, 2008

Stop Here.

Stop Here

It's been a very busy month, seems like last time I cleaned my work area I messed it up immediately with a puppet building project. After that was over I cleared my table and stacked on some small canvases and wood dolls to work on.

Things occupying my brainspace as of late:
  1. Clearing my iPhoto library and ordering photobooks. When I stopped using film cameras a couple of years ago my photo albums got dusty, sad, and unfilled. I missed being able to flip through pages of memories with my hands, so I'm in the process of ordering photobooks and filling them with about 2 years of digital photos.

  2. Just finished scenery for a puppet show called Perez and Mondinga, coming to a birthday party near you! If you live in the Bay Area, that is.

    Roll drop for a puppet show

  3. T'was Michael's birthday last week. Spent it a wonderful place called Zen Springs, saw this cool doll by Debra Schoch in a shop next door, and had yummy spaghetti while doodling on the tablecover.

    Outside of Zen Springs

    Doll by Debra Schoch

    It's Michael's Birthday

  4. This is what a squirrel looks like in 100 degree weather. I can totally sympathize.
    Hot Squirrel


Blogger Ember said...

That squirrel picture made me soooo happy!

10:09 PM  

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