Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blawgs, table drawings, muxtapes

A delightful surprise! The wonderful Heidi of My Paper Crane mentioned my blog in a post of hers about...blogs! I'm truly honored, since I subscribe to her blog and admire her photo-filled craftackular posts. Thanks, Heidi!

Earlier this week we went to our favorite Italian Restaurant, I've probably mentioned it before, Italian Colors. It's one of those places that let you do drawings on the paper tabletop covering. Here's the mess we made.

table drawing before dinner

That unfortunate Wario drawing is mine, and the unfortunate victim caught in his fart cloud is named "Pochi."

table drawing - Pochi

I tried drawing Pochi from memory on the right. Michael invented this character when he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. According to him, he's always looked pretty much the same, so he was quite shocked at how my memory butchered the image of his childhood creation. Then Michael drew his Pochi on the left, see how he is scratching his head in confusion at my Pochi?
Oh well, it made for a good laugh.

My good pal, Chrisclean updated his website recently, and one of the last few times we chatted, he told me about this awesome website,, where you can make your own online mixtape! It took me forever to make mine, and even when I finally finished I had a couple of last minute changes occur due to bugs, but it was an interesting experiment.

Here's my first mix
. Maybe when I have more energy I'll make another one with a real theme, for now it's just some songs I've been liking a lot lately.


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