Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Robot Invasion, new old stuff in the store, my awesome sister

YAAArRH! I added a bunch of stuff to the Etsy store recently.

Only the mini beeswax painting/collage is new, the rest of the stuff is photos from my BFA show that have been sitting in my closet forever, and my Happy Robot print.

Yep, today I brought out the old Happy Robot woodblock and played around with making prints again. I forgot how much fun relief printing is. I miss using a big press though, for the small edition I made tonight I just used a brayer. I'm totally excited about it though, and want to get some new wood or lino-blocks to make some new imagery.

Here is the work table tonight, invaded by robots:

Here is a bot, with some an art card I've yet to finish, and another small beeswax painting/collage I've yet to upload.
I can't decide if these things are "paintings" or "collages"...I mean, they're on canvas, and the wax is painted and dripped on, but I guess I didn't like, "paint" anything else. Whatever. The definition of painting is pretty easily stretched these days anyway, so I might just go with that.

That reminds me of a time in high school when our art teacher gave us an assignment to make a collage. So I made this thing with paint splattered on cardboard and chickenwire...and maybe there was tape too, I can't remember. Well, I was thinking of collage as disparate elements brought together to make a new whole. When I got my "collage" back it had gotten a "B" instead of an "A" because she wanted everyone to make like a magazine cutouts type of collage. Pffft. Oh well, I guess it was one of many instances where I was just trying to be AVANT GARDE! hah!

This reminds me of another story involving a 10 year old me painting pink and blue horses, but that tale is for another time perhaps. I did tell the story to my little sister though, and she thought it was funny. By the way, SHE'S AWESOME, and here's a doodle and drawing she sent me today:

Yay for the little sister! Keep it up! Geez lou-eeeez I'm tired. Time to go pass out for another evening.


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