Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunday was our 5 year anniversary.

I've been falling behind on blog posts lately, but I've been pretty excited about lots of things these days. One of which, is being with Michael for so long- I made this for our anniversary a couple of days ago.

I made this for our 5 year anniversary.

We call our collaborative efforts "TEAM LUV" which comes from playing Supermario Kart Double dash, when you complete a course and enter your initials into the high score thing, we put "LUV", haha. Besides being an awesome person, Michael is also a creative genius, though he will never ever admit that. We've made stuffed dolls together, paintings, and whenever we do puppet shows together we hi-five each other at the end and say "YEAH! TEAM LUV!"

Just the other day we started playing Call of Duty together, or more like, I wandered over to the couch to see what he was doing (killing Germans) and he put the controller in my hands and made me play. This happens a lot, when there's a level he gets stuck in I'll jump in and say "I WANNA TRY!" and usually I kick the level's ass. Then we take turns playing. Michael is of course, a kick ass fighter in games, and I'm more of the lame-0 that takes pleasure out of playing stupidly, like throwing unnecessary smoke grenades, crawling towards the enemy on my belly, "Leeroy Jenkins'ing it" and dying in two seconds.

If it weren't for Michael introducing me to Call of Duty, I might not have gotten into this video game focus group study next month. They just called me today and asked the standard, you know, do you play these games, and some other questions which I seemed to answer to their liking, and I got in!

Inner Sakura XD by ~ADF-Fuensalida on deviantART

I hope it works out and they don't pull me out of the group for some crazy reason. Getting paid to play video games, CHA! I LOVE THIS STUFF!


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