Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Power of Youth Explodes! It's Rock Lee, CHA!!!

I found this awesome website the other day where you can watch people draw, then rate their drawings. It's called, big surprise, Rate My Drawings.com. So I signed up and my first drawing is of Rock Lee, my favorite Naruto character. I pretty much never draw manga style, so it was kinda challenging, but I liked using the painting tools on the website. What do you think, masterpiece, or disasterpiece?! Vote for meeeeeee!

So our current obsession is Naruto, and I've had to discipline myself and not watch hours and hours of episodes which is very tempting to do because every show ends on a cliffhanger.

I also updated the Etsy shop and added the following:

- Set of 4 Spider Family blank cards with envelopes
- 1 Grandpa Spider card
- a few small photographs
- an 8x10 painting on photo called "Sodiepop Bots"

And if I can keep the momentum going maybe I'll have a few more items up by the end of the week.

Also, we're doing our big book launch event at Fairyland for The Adventures of Penny, The Rhode Island Red the weekend of February 17 and 18. Yvonne and I will be there signing books, there will be a reading, and you can meet Penny and Henry themselves in the flesh! Join the fun, bring a kid (you can't get in without one), meet a chicken, it will be a grand 'ole time. Fairyland.org has all the info.

Speaking of Fairyland, guess who came in to enjoy the park last weekend? NOAM CHOMSKY!!!!! When I heard he was there I went out to find him, just to be like, graced by his presence, and when I walked by and heard his voice I knew it was him for sure.

It was pretty silly, so many of us wanted to talk to him but of course none of us had anything cool to say, and didn't want to disrupt his family outing. It's like he's a rock star for nerds. Or the elite. or whatever. It was just cool to see him walking around with his grandkid and wife, sticking his head through the cutouts of the Three Little Pigs.

Now we are running off to go get pizza, so that's all for the time being!


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