Monday, October 09, 2006

2 cases of needing to be more assertive.

Last night we decided to do dinner and a movie, we went to an italian restaurant where Michael ordered his favorite dish, "Green Scarves Lasagna" which is basically lasagna with the pasta parts made of spinach. When we got our meals, the lasagna looked...not so green...actually, not green at all. Michael signaled a waiter to inquire about this, and the waiter called for who seemed like the manager, and the manager basically said the FDA had recently banned the spinach because of the e. coli scare, and this was the same dish but with eggs. Phoooey. Of course, it would've been nice if they'd have mentioned it earlier, so that he could've ordered something else, but instead he ended up eating it, not enjoying it so much, and paying for it. If we could go back in time and do it again, we probably would complained some more and not paid for it. I'd also use the time machine to go back and remember to TAKE MY WALLET WITH ME so Michael wouldn't have been stuck with the bill. Sorry, Michael :-/

Speaking of Time Machines! We saw the Science of Sleep afterwards which I thought was BEAUTIFUL and amazing, but the movie fantasy vibe was totally destroyed for me when the guy in the row in front of us repeatedly used his cell phone to text message someone, with the bright-ass LCD screen shining right at our faces. The literal thought in my mind was "YOUR CELLPHONE IS REALLY LOUD- THE...BRIGHTNESS IS LOUD...SHUT IT OFF!" But I never said anything despite having several chances to. I'll get you next time movie cell phone text messagers!

Before the movie, we stopped by Borders because I wanted to pick up a cheap hardbound sketchbook, which I did, and then drew this during the movie previews.

new sketchbook


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