Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dear Diary,

Things have been very slow here in my blog, I guess I just sorta fell out of the habit. Usually what happens is I'll sign in to blogger and see the big white box waiting for me to type in some text, and I just close the window. Like, getting cold feet. Oh well. I'm going to try to get back into doing it, for the sake of documenting things for myself and writing practice, cuz you know, use it or lose it. I'm sure you 2 or 3 readers are so relieved, a har har!

On Tuesday we went to see the Grossology exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley. I've seen this exhibit before with my little sister at the Witte Museum in San Antonio and I remember being so very amused at the table where you have to guess the smell (anus, armpit, foot, mouth), and they show you an enlarged microscopic view of the bacteria.

So when I came across it again this Tuesday of course I thought, "YES! ANUS!!!" But it wasn't so great the second time around and as I caught a good whiff of anus in my nose I think the vomit center in my brain activated and I did very nearly "blow chunks." Which, you know, would've been fine because it would've related to the rest of the exhibit.

Outside of the exhibit: Here I am about to topple over SF/Berkeley/Oakland!

Overall, a pretty fun exhibit full of poop, pee, barf, farts, puke, snot, all the good stuff a debased mind such as my own would enjoy.

And now for something completely unrelated, I <3 Teletextile.


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