Monday, July 17, 2006

It's really hot.

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Finally went out and got that new camera, I am oh so excited and oh so broke! Hooray! With what little money I had left I went to Ikea today to buy some organizational supplies (because I am both very very sloppy and very obsessed with organization at the same time) that ended up not fitting my workspace when I assembled them. Ikea LIES!

Then I followed Michael down to Lakeshore Ave on a hunt for sandwiches, but for some reason no one in the neighborhood makes sandwiches after 5 o'clock. WTF?

Speaking of internet acronyms, two things that made me LOL in the last few days:

We saw the Minibosses play Saturday night to a crowd of nerds (including ourselves of course) headbanging to video game music. The first opening act was Treasure Mammal, and he jumped out into the crowd wearing these amazing early nineties style shorts and a us flag patterned bandana around his face, screaming into the mic trying to warm up the crowd. No one seemed to know what to think of this guy, or they hadn't had enough drinks yet, but I thought he was hilarious and his song Best Friend Forever reminds me of Chrisclean. At the end of the performance a group of guys standing behind us asked each other "What the hell just happened???"

Also, we saw Superman Returns the other day, and I found this on a related wikipedia search. I love how Shirtless Routh is like a specimen on this page and you can watch him swim, haha. Oh silly internets, i love you.


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