Sunday, May 21, 2006

I hate my neighbors, i'm tired, and i want you to love me... signing up for my mailing list. Heh heh...last night I tinkered around with Google Groups to set up an email announcement list for my website, art projects, and webstore. You can sign up by going to the front page of my website.

Started a drawing's horrible how extremely tired I get right after I return home from work. The only thing that's been keeping me awake this week is working on drawings. Otherwise I pass out for 3 hours and wake up hungry, cranky, and sore from the bruxism.

YIKES. So anyway, last night at 3 AM our horrible upstairs neighbor Ms. Stomps-A-Lot has her tv on really loud while we're trying to fall asleep. Now, I dunno if she's just hard of hearing or fell asleep with it on this loud, like, i just don't know if SHE KNOWS. So I go upstairs and knock and knock and not suprisingly there is no answer. I return to our bedroom and take a large cardboard tube which I obtained from when I used to do mural size photographic prints, and with one end to the ceiling, and the my mouth on the other, I yell in my most robot monotone voice "TURN DOWN THE TV PLEASE." Then I hit the ceiling a few times. Then a couple more "TURN IT DOWN"s. More ceiling hitting. Finally the ceiling creaks and the volume lowers.

Tonight my downstairs neighbors are bbq-ing and being Loudy McLoudersons. I want to throw something toxic down in their grill and poison them, but that would probably be bad, like those neighbors in Los Gatos that strung a rope across a road becuase they were pissed at loud motorcyclists and then nearly be-headed one. Hooray for stories I can remember from the evening news!

Screw apartment buildings with paper-thin walls. When the oppurtunity arises, I will be so outta heeeeeeeere.


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