Sunday, December 09, 2007

oh geez.

While surfing teh unternets tonight I came across a web app that analyzes your blog's readability level. I joked to Michael about how my blog is for 4 year olds, then typed in my url into the box. I was not wrong:

poo poo

I laughed. I cried. Maybe it's because I type things like, "teh unternets", or am easily amused by flatulence. Then Michael and I sang an impromptu song called "Bloody Vagina," reveling in our utter crassness and elementary school humor.

One more thing. After a long day of work and holiday gift shopping we stopped for dinner at a mall food court. While walking up the stairs to the second floor where all the restaurants are, I spotted a small puddle of saucey-something-or-other on a step, and warned Michael not to step on it. Michael described it as "Gnome Vomit," and later while waiting for our food requested that I make a drawing of what might've happened. So I present to you dear readers, the finest example of 4 years worth of paid professional artistic training from which I have earned a Bachelors Degree:

Gnome Vomit

After finishing this, I asked Michael to redraw it using his Art Brut hand, and while taking a break from hamburger eating, produced this:

Gnome Vomit 2

Hmmmm....quite interesting, wouldn't you say? Oh, how we amuse ourselves with such funny pictures.


Blogger Nancy said...

Ha, my art blog got "genius" while my personal blog got "elementary." Maybe it's 'cause you mix the two...?

11:25 AM  

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