Thursday, December 06, 2007


Robot Dreams Mixed Media

Made some new cyanotypes last week, which I'm really excited about and have listed some for sale at Etsy. Unfortunately, the weather has not been kind for making "sunprints," so it will be a few days until I get to make some more. I kept typing the word "smore" just now. Somors. Smores. Maybe I'm hungry.

I went to Ikea today to get some storage units for organizing my workspace. When I went to pay for my items I found that the only check stands open were 3 or 4 lanes of the Self Serve Check Out terminals, with one employee overseeing about 4 machines in each lane. I could only see maybe one lane being manned by an actual human cashier.

I suppose you could say it's sad that instead of the company paying a bunch of human cashiers to serve you, you are just left working out your purchases with scan your own items, the machines ask you how many bags you will purchase to put your items in, and you stick your money in the slot.

But I don't know, most of the time I try to avoid human contact anyway so I don't mind scanning my own purchases and bagging them myself. And I've been a cashier before, it's kind of a crappy job. It's certainly a position I would not mind being taken over by a machine.

Robots are okay in my book, just as long as we don't go from this:

to this:

I carried my items out of the store (bag-less, because I'm to cheap to pay the extra 10 cents for plastic bags) and I thought about this as I let out a big fart across the parking lot and into the cold winter air.


Blogger Nancy Chan said...

wow, annie, this is one of your most, er, "personal" journal posts as of yet.

good stuff, though.

9:09 AM  
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Blogger Ellis Nadler said...

great business model

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