Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Japantown last tuesday

Last Monday we went to Japantown to get my little sister some Kat-tun merchandise, it's her favorite band and I'll be visiting her in a couple of weeks so she requested that I bring her goodies! Of course I couldn't resist getting some Naruto goodies for myself either. My inner nerd was very pleased, and almost very broke, just so I could fulfill my fantasy of becoming a Leaf Village Ninja. *sigh*
Well, for my sister I got a cd, a photobook, and a big ole framed poster of Kat-tun, which Michael and I had to carry around the mall for a while with a tinge of embarrasment. For myself, I got, a Leaf Village forehead protector, Naruto sleeping cap, and Anbu Kakashi plush. Yep. Total nerd joy.

Kakashi art by: Melissa Joyce Fajardo

And here's a slideshow just for fun.


Blogger Nancy said...

Hm, has Michael been trimming his beard...?

And MAN I want some sushi.

12:38 PM  

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